Technical Help Page

Having problems with your Acrobat .PDF Reader? Try the following tips:

1) Generally, files take less than a minute to download.  Make sure they have been completely downloaded before trying to open them.

2) Is your version of Acrobat relatively old? These files were made for Acrobat Reader 9.0 or higher.
     If you are having problems and don't have at least Acrobat Reader 9.0, go to the Macromedia site here and download the latest version Acrobat Reader.

3) Do not try to print from the web version. Save the file to the hard drive BEFORE you print. This will be MUCH faster!

What if Dr. Altman announces that a  file has been posted but a student cannot see it?

I always check that a file has successfully been posted and can open, on several computers, immediately after uploading - so it is there and in working order.
If you are still having problems seeing the new posted file, try the following tips:

1) Are you looking in the right place? Is it on the lecture page or the lab page? Check both pages regularly.

2) In some cases, a new file will NOT be the last item in the table on the lecture or lab page.
    Sometimes a new link will appear a few spaces up from the bottom of the table - check the whole table carefully.

3) If you have checked that you are on the right page and checked all of the table for the link, hitting the refresh button solves most problems.

4) If this still does not work, try clearing the cache.


There are columns on the Lecture and Lab pages.
How do I know which is the right file; is it from the middle or the last column?

Most of the files that you will need to view or download are located in the main column.
In some cases, a "full-screen" version may be available in the LAST column; these are
for whole screen viewing in class or when you wish to see one slide at a time while
studying on your own.

Otherwise, notations in the last column are usually just descriptive.
Sometimes, additional options may be provided.